Innovative. Cutting-edge. Impeccable. The ETERNITY series is all of these and more. This flagship series is the highest quality of blanks that RainShadow has to offer.  Exclusively designed, these blanks have the latest materials and moderenizations bringing you the absolute pinnacle in rod performance. The ETERNITY² trend setting rod blanks are ultra-sensitive, incredibly-strong, and have feather lightweight construction, utilizing state-of-the-art RX9 materials along with ultra-advanced processes. To cap it off, we integrate Nano Compound Technology (NCT)  to ensure each blank not only operates with surgical precision, but also retains incredible power. It has taken 36 months of designing and development to achieve this flawless blueprint.
The only way to experience is to fish one!
• RX9 Graphite
• Nano Compound Technology (NCT)
• Improved Strength w/o Adding Weight
• Dynamic Modulus Positioning
• Our Lightest and Most Sensitive Blank
• Most Innovative Blank On the Market
• 36 Grueling Months In the Design Process
• Fast and Extra Fast Action Models
• Gorgeous Cobalt Blue Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
                                                                                                                CASTING MODELS
   Model           Color          Length    Pcs      Line              LURE        Action     Power      Weight           Application
ETEC68M      Cobalt Blue     6'8"        1     10-17lb.     1/4-3/4oz.        F             M            1.7oz.            All purpose Bass/Jig and pig/Worm plastics/Carolina Rig
ETEC68MH   Cobalt Blue     6'8"        1     12-20lb.       3/8-1oz           F            MH          2.0oz.             Jig and pig/Pitching plastics in and around heavy cover
ETEC72M      Cobalt Blue     7'2"        1     10-17lb.     1/4-3/4oz.        F             M            2.3oz.             All purpose Bass/Jig and pig/Worm plastics/Carolina Rig
ETEC72MH   Cobalt Blue     7'2"        1     12-20lb.       3/8-1oz.          F            MH          2.7oz.             Jig and pig/Pitching plastics in and around heavy cover
ETEC76M      Cobalt Blue     7'6"        1     10-17lb.     1/4-3/4oz.        F              M           2.5oz.             All purpose Bass/Jig and pig/Worm plastics/Carolina Rig
ETEC76MH   Cobalt Blue     7'6"        1     12-20lb.       3/8-1oz.          F            MH          2.9oz.             Jig and pig/Pitching plastics in and around heavy cover
                                                                                                              SPINNING MODELS
   Model                 Color         Length      Pcs      Line            Lure          Action       Power      Weight           Application
ETES68ML        Cobalt Blue      6'8"          1      6-12lb.      1/8-3/8oz.        F               ML          1.4oz.         Finesse/Tubes/Small Crankbait & stick baits & spy baits
ETES68M          Cobalt Blue      6'8"          1      8-14lb.      1/4-5/8oz.        F                M           1.4oz.         All purpose Bass
ETES68MXF      Cobalt Blue      6'8"          1      6-14lb.      3/16-1/2oz     XF               M           1.5oz.         All purpose Bass
ETES610MXF    Cobalt Blue     6'10"         1      6-14lb.      3/16-1/2oz     XF               M           1.4oz.         Drop shot/Shakey Head
ETES72ML        Cobalt Blue      7'2"          1       6-12lb.      1/8-3/8oz.       F               ML          1.5oz.         Finesse/Tubes/Small Crankbait & stick baits & spy baits
ETES72M          Cobalt Blue      7'2"          1       8-14lb.      1/4-5/8oz.       F                M           1.5oz.         All purpose Bass
Introducing the new IMMORTAL series of rod blanks. The Jaguar Design recharged the entire line from the current offering of RX8 blanks. Inspired by the new HDSC designs, these blanks have been strategically calculated to impress. New designs and refreshed RX8 material have been meticulously engineered to astound. In this new lineup, there are all forms of bass casting, bass spinning, popping, and walleye. These blanks are sure to outperform in every category. The new IMMORTAL series touts revolutionary processing and progressive methodology to deliver hyper-performance blanks that come just below the flagship offering. Boasting many technologies, you can count on these to deliver exhilarating levels all around.
Welcome the elite of high modulus performance
• RX8 Graphite Blend
• Dynamic Modulus Positioning
• Innovative Resin System
• Light, Strong, and Sensitive
• Innovative Design/Unbelievable Power
• Pinnacle Balance of Ultra-High Modulus
• Extra Fast and Fast Actions
• Stunning Titanium Chrome Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
   Model            Color                      Length   Pcs      Line          Lure           Action    Power     Weight            Application
IMMC68M     Titanium Chrome      6'8"       1     10-17lb.    1/4-3/4oz.        F             M          1.9oz.             All purpose Bass/Jig and pig/Worm plastics/Carolina Rig
IMMC72M     Titanium Chrome      7'2"       1     10-17lb.    1/4-3/4oz.        F             M          2.5oz.             All purpose Bass/Jig and pig/Worm plastics/Carolina Rig
IMMC72MH  Titanium Chrome      7'2"       1     12-20lb.     3/8-1oz.           F           MH         3.0oz.             Jig and pig/Pitching plastics in and around heavy cover
IMMC73ML   Titanium Chrome      7'3"       1       8-17lb.    3/16-5/8oz.      F            ML         2.1oz.           Topwater/Senkos/Light casting applications/Smaller spinnerbaits
IMMC73HXF  Titanium Chrome     7'3"        1     12-25lb.    3/8-1 1/4oz.   XF            H           3.0oz.            Frogs/Spoons/Creature baits
IMMC76M     Titanium Chrome      7'6"       1     10-17lb.    1/4-3/4oz.        F             M          2.8oz.            All purpose Bass/Jig and pig/Worm plastics/Carolina Rig
IMMC76MH  Titanium Chrome      7'6"       1     12-20lb.    3/8-1oz.            F           MH         3.1oz.             Jig and pig/Pitching plastics in and around heavy cover
IMMC76H     Titanium Chrome      7'6"        1     12-25lb.    3/8-1 1/4oz.     F             H          3.2oz.             Flippin Stick/Frog Rod
IMMC76XH   Titanium Chrome      7'6"        1     15-30lb.    3/8-1 1/2oz.     F           XH          3.2oz.             Flippin Stick/Frog Rod/Alabama Rigs
   Model            Color                       Length    Pcs       Line          Lure           Action     Power      Weight            Application

IMMS68ML     Titanium Chrome    6'8"          1       6-12lb.     1/8-3/8oz.         F            ML           1.6oz.           Finesse/Tubes/Small Crankbait & stick baits & spy baits
IMMS68M       Titanium Chrome    6'8"          1       8-14lb.     1/4-5/8oz.         F             M            1.5oz.           All purpose Bass
IMMS68MXF   Titanium Chrome    6'8"          1       6-14lb.    3/16-1/2oz        XF           M            1.5oz.           All purpose Bass
IMMS610MXF Titanium Chrome   6'10"         1       6-14lb.    3/16-1/2oz        XF           M            1.6oz.           Drop shot/Shakey head/Finesse
IMMS610M     Titanium Chrome   6'10"         1       8-14lb.     1/4-5/8oz.         F             M            1.7oz.           All purpose Bass
IMMS72ML     Titanium Chrome    7'2"          1       6-12lb.     1/8-3/8oz.         F             ML          1.7oz.           Drop shot/Shakey head/Finesse
IMMS72M       Titanium Chrome     7'2"         1       8-14lb.     1/4-5/8oz.         F             M            1.6oz.           All purpose Bass
                                                                                                          INSHORE POPPING
   Model           Color                      Length     Pcs      Line           Lure                Action      Power      Weight           Application

IMMP70UL     Titanium Chrome    7'0"         1        4-6lb.    1/32-3/16oz.   MOD-F           UL           1.2oz.            Trout/Panfish light jigs and tube etc.
IMMP70L       Titanium Chrome    7'0"          1       4-10lb.   3/16-3/8oz.     MOD-F             L            1.2oz.            Trout/Panfish light jigs and tube etc.
IMMP70ML    Titanium Chrome    7'0"          1       6-12lb.   1/8-3/8oz.       MOD-F           ML          1.4oz.             Inshore/Sea Trout
IMMP70M      Titanium Chrome    7'0"          1       8-14lb.   1/4-5/8oz.       MOD-F            M           1.6oz.             All purpose Trout/Redfish/Inshore/Popping corks
IMMP70MH   Titanium Chrome    7'0"          1       8-17lb.   1/4-3/4oz.       MOD-F           MH          1.7oz.            Heavy inshore/Larger Redfish/Snook/Cobia
IMMP70H      Titanium Chrome    7'0"           1     10-20lb.   3/8-1oz.          MOD-F             H           1.9oz.            Heavy inshore/Larger Redfish/Snook/Cobia
IMMP76ML   Titanium Chrome    7'6"           1       6-12lb.    1/8-3/8oz.      MOD-F            ML          1.5oz.            Inshore/Sea Trout
IMMP76M     Titanium Chrome    7'6"           1       8-14lb.    1/4-5/8oz.      MOD-F             M           1.9oz.            Inshore popping corks/Redfish/Snook
IMMP76MH  Titanium Chrome    7'6"           1       8-17lb.    1/4-3/4oz.      MOD-F            MH         2.0oz.            Heavy Inshore/Larger Redfish/Snook
   Model                  Color                      Length        Pcs      Line            Lure              Action     Power      Weight          Application

IMMWS62L        Titanium Chrome       6'2"             1       4-10lb.   1/16-1/4oz.           F               L             0.8oz.        Light jigging/Micro Crankbaits/Split Shot Livebait Prentations
IMMWS62MXF  Titanium Chrome       6'2"             1       6-15lb.   3/16-5/8oz.          XF             M             1.2oz.       Vertical Jigging/Blade baits/3way rigs
IMMWS68MXF  Titanium Chrome       6'8"             1       6-14lb.    3/16-1/2oz.          F              M             1.7oz.       Vertical Jigging/Crankbaits/All Purpose
IMMWS72ML    Titanium Chrome       7'2"             1       6-12lb.    1/8-3/8oz.            F              ML           1.7oz.        Riggin' rod/Slip bobbers/Light jigs
IMMWS76ML    Titanium Chrome       7'6"             1       6-12lb.    1/8-3/8oz.            F              ML           1.7oz.        Riggin' rod/Slip bobbers/Light jigs
                                                                                                          RX8 SALMON/STEELHEAD
The staff at RainShadow is considered some of the finest salmon/steelhead anglers; demanding the finest rod blanks in the Pacific Northwest and other high profile regions. Having both Salmon and Steelhead rivers in our back yard allows our team to engineer even the most challenging needs. This is what we do. RX8 Salmon/Steelhead blanks are manufactured using proprietary blends of RX8 Toray and other premium graphite. Every single RX8 blank is lightweight, sensitive, and strong to take your experience to the next level. You will not find a better, more in-depth lineup of blanks. From pulling plugs to throwing spinners, these blanks are custom-tuned with precise specifications and actions that make them accurate when chasing fresh chrome. No matter where you fish for Salmon/Steelhead, build your next uncompromising rod with an RX8 blank from RainShadow.
Review of the XST1383F from Float Fishing Connection
“…I was able to bank the fish with great efficiency and fully understand the dynamics of Batson’s proprietary blend of RX8 and RX7 graphite.  Fast, but light in the tip and all business from the mid to the butt section of the blank.  Impressive!”
Review of RX8 XST1143F from Michigan-Sportsman
“After fishing these rods the past weekend, I can say without a doubt, these are the nicest blanks I have ever used, I like them better than any GLX or any other high end rod I have ever used, period. The Alps guides that were suggested by Batson are way better than the Fuji Ti SIC guides I have always used religiously in the past. By far the nicest guides I have ever used.”
    Model               Color                Length       Pcs         Line           Lure          Action      Power        Weight                 Application
XBB964       Titanium Chrome      8'0"            1         12-25lb.     1-6oz.            F               XH            3.3oz.                  Back bouncing rod - *(B. Bouncing Only)
XST1025F   Titanium Chrome       8'6"           2         10-17lb.     3/8-1oz.         F              MH            2.3oz.                 Medium heavy all purpose
XST1082F   Titanium Chrome       9'0"           2          6-10lb.      1/4-1/2oz.   MOD-F       ML            1.9oz.                 Medium light boon dogger/Side drifter
XST1085F   Titanium Chrome       9'0"           2         10-17lb.     3/8-1oz.         F              MH            2.6oz.                 Medium heavy drifter/ 1/2-3/4oz. side drifter
XST1142F   Titanium Chrome       9'6"           2          6-10lb.      1/4-1/2oz.   MOD-F       ML            2.1oz.                 Light boon dogger/Side drifter/Light floats
XST1143F   Titanium Chrome       9'6"           2          6-12lb.      3/8-3/4oz.      F               M             2.4oz.                 Medium light boon dogger/Side drifter/Medium light floats
XST1144F   Titanium Chrome       9'6"           2         10-17lb.     3/8-1oz.         F              MH            2.9oz.                 Medium boon dogger/Side drifter/Medium floats
XST1263F   Titanium Chrome      10'6"          2          6-12lb.      3/8-3/4oz.      F               M             2.8oz.                 Medium light slide float rod
XST1264F   Titanium Chrome      10'6"          2         10-17lb.     3/8-1oz.         F              MH            3.3oz.                 Medium Heavy Float rod
XST1324F   Titanium Chrome      11'0"          2         10-17lb.     3/8-1oz.         F              MH            3.5oz.                 Medium Heavy Float rod
XST1325F   Titanium Chrome      11'0"          2         10-17lb.     3/8-1oz.         F              MH            4.0oz.                 Salmon float rod
XST1382F   Titanium Chrome      11'6"          2          6-10lb.      1/4-1/2oz.   MOD-F       ML            3.4oz.                 Medium Light Centerpin Rod/Float Rod
XST1383F   Titanium Chrome      11'6"          2          6-12lb.      3/8-3/4oz.     F                M              3.6oz.                 Medium Centerpin Rod/Float Rod
XST1562F   Titanium Chrome      13'0"          2          6-10lb.      1/4-1/2oz.   MOD-F       ML            3.3oz.                 Medium Light Centerpin Rod/Float Rod
XST1563-4  Titanium Chrome      13'0"          4          6-12lb.     3/8-3/4oz.     F                 M             3.5oz.                 Medium Centerpin Rod/Float Rod


Over 18 months of intense research and development went into our groundbreaking REVELATION series of rod blanks. We offer every blank you could possibly need for bass fishing in this lineup, with a precise selection of lengths and line/casting weights. The REVELATION series also boasts a number of ultra light models essential to every angler’s trout/panfish collection. Crafted from RX7 Toray graphite, each model in the lineup offers a host of proprietary features that are unrivaled at this level. The result? These blanks are not just light and sensitive, but they are stronger than any blank model in this material that we have ever designed. The REVELATION series is perfect for the angler who requires professional performance and incredable strength and durability. 
 RX7 Graphite
• Dynamic Modulus Positioning
• Innovative Resin System
• Up to 30% lighter and 100% stronger than competitor models
• Fast and Extra Fast models
• Perfect for Tournament Anglers
• True Workhorse Designs
• Finest Balance of Strength, Sensitivity, and Feather Weight
• Smooth Satin Black Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Model                       Color        Length   Pcs       Line           Lure         Action   Power    Weight                   Application
REVC68M               Satin Black       6'8"       1       10-17lb.   1/4-3/4oz.       F          M           2.4oz.           All purpose Bass/Jig and pig/Worm plastics/Carolina Rig
REVC68MXF           Satin Black       6'8"       1        8-14lb.    1/4-5/8oz.      XF         M           2.1oz.          Top waters/Small crankbaits/Senkos/All around finesse
REVC68MH            Satin Black       6'8"       1       12-20lb.   3/8-1oz.           F         MH         2.4oz.           Jig and pig/Pitching plastics in and around heavy cover
REVC68H               Satin Black       6'8"        1       12-25lb.   3/8-1 1/4oz.    F          H           2.5oz.           All purpose Bass/Jig and pig/Worm plastics/Carolina Rig
REVC68XH             Satin Black       6'8"        1       15-30lb.   3/8-1 1/2oz     F         XH          3.1oz.   Hvy duty pitchin and worming rod/Big fish hvy cover/Great for Pike
REVC72M               Satin Black       7'2"       1        10-17lb.   1/4-3/4oz.       F         M           2.8oz.           All purpose Bass/Jig and pig/Worm plastics/Carolina Rig
REVC72MH            Satin Black       7'2"       1        12-20lb.   3/8-1oz.           F        MH         3.1oz.           Jig and pig/Pitching plastics in and around heavy cover
REVC72H               Satin Black       7'2"        1       12-25lb.   3/8-1 1/4oz      F         H           3.4oz.           All purpose Bass/Jig and pig/Worm plastics/Carolina Rig
REVC76M              Satin Black       7'6"        1        10-17lb.   1/4-3/4oz        F         M           3.1oz.           All purpose Bass/Jig and pig/Worm plastics/Carolina Rig
REVC76MH           Satin Black       7'6"        1        12-20lb.   3/8-1oz.           F       MH          3.4oz.           Jig and pig/Pitching plastics in and around heavy cover
REVC76H               Satin Black       7'6"        1       12-25lb.   3/8-1 1/4oz.     F         H           3.6oz.           Flippin Stick/Frog Rod
REVC710MH         Satin Black      7'10"       1       12-20lb.   3/8-1oz.            F       MH          3.0oz.           Jig and pig/Pitching plastics in and around heavy cover
REVC710H             Satin Black      7'10"       1      12-25lb.   3/8-1 1/4oz.      F         H           4.0oz.           Flippin Stick/Frog Rod/Alabama Rigs
REVC711XXH-SB   Satin Black      7’11’’       1      14-30lb.   1/2-1 1/2oz       F      XXH          5.2oz.           Heavy Flippin’ / Punching Grass Flats
   Model                  Color            Length    Pcs       Line           Lure          Action   Power     Weight           Application
REVS54UL        Satin Black          5'4"         1         2-6lb.    1/32-3/16oz.      F         UL            0.7oz.          Ultra Light Trout & Panfish
REVS62UL        Satin Black          6'2"         1         2-6lb.    1/32-3/16oz.      F          L             1.0oz.           Ultra Light Trout & Panfish
REVS62L           Satin Black          6'2"         1       4-10lb.    1/16-1/4oz.        F          L             1.2oz.           Small spinners/Tubes/Crankbaits/Finesse/Light Walleye Presentations
REVS62ML       Satin Black          6'2"          1       6-12lb.    1/8-3/8oz.          F        ML           1.4oz.           Finesse/Tubes/Small Crankbait & stick baits & spy baits
REVS62M         Satin Black          6'2"          1       8-14lb.    1/4-5/8oz.          F         M            1.6oz.           Dock skipping/Vertical jigging/General purpose
REVS68UL        Satin Black          6'8"         1        2-6lb.      1/32-3/16oz.     F         UL           1.1oz.           Ultra Light Trout & Panfish
REVS68L           Satin Black          6'8"         1        4-10lb.    1/16-1/4oz.       F          L             1.3oz.           Small spinners/Tubes/Crankbaits/Finesse/Light Walleye Presentations
REVS68ML        Satin Black          6'8"         1        6-12lb.    1/8-3/8oz.         F        ML           1.7oz.           Finesse/Tubes/Small Crankbait & stick baits & spy baits
REVS68M          Satin Black          6'8"         1        8-14lb.    1/4-5/8oz.         F         M            1.8oz.           All purpose Bass
REVS68MXF      Satin Black          6'8"         1        6-14lb.    3/16-1/2oz.      XF       M             1.3oz.           Plastics in cover/Heavy spinning presentations
REVS610MXF   Satin Black         6'10"        1         6-14lb.     3/16-1/2oz     XF        M             1.7oz.          Drop shot/Shakey head/Finesse
REVS72UL        Satin Black          7'2"          1         2-6lb.     1/32-3/16oz.    F         UL            1.4oz.          Ultra Light Trout & Panfish
REVS72L           Satin Black          7'2"          1        4-10lb.    1/16-1/4oz.      F          L              1.7oz.          Small spinners/Tubes/Crankbaits/Finesse/Light Walleye Presentations
REVS72ML       Satin Black          7'2"          1         6-12lb.    1/8-3/8oz.        F        ML            2.0oz.          Finesse/Tubes/Small Crankbait & stick baits & spy baits
REVS72M         Satin Black          7'2"          1         8-14lb.     1/4-5/8oz.       F         M             2.2oz.          All purpose Bass
REVS72MH      Satin Black          7'2"          1       10-17lb.    5/16-3/4oz.      F       MH            2.6oz.          Plastics in cover/Heavy spinning presentations
The RainShadow RX7 series represents our most popular intermediate
modulus blanks. RainShadow RX7 series present many choices including
two-piece multi-purpose blanks, crank bait, popping, and swim bait
blanks. This rugged series of high performance blanks are true
workhorses. Everyone from casual weekend anglers to the grittiest
tournament professionals can rely on these day in and day out. RX7 Toray
material is a phenomenal balance of strength, sensitivity, and
lightweight feel. Starting with intermediate modulus, high-strain Toray
fibers, we spice things up with our exclusive resin and scrim systems to
create our finest all-purpose material.
• RX7 Graphite Blend
• Dynamic Modulus Positioning
• Innovative Resin System
• Massive Model Selection
• Multipiece and Multipurpose Blanks
• Technique Specific Designs
• Light Weight
• Subtle Matte Clear Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
                                                                                           Bass, Spinning Rod Blanks
   Model        Color         Length    Pcs          Line                Lure                 Action      Power       Weight              Application

ISP783F   Matte Gray      6'6"         2          6-12lb.         1/8-3/8oz.          MOD-F          M            1.6oz.             Walleye/Smallmouth Bass all purpose 2pc spinning blank
ISP784F   Matte Gray      6'6"         2          8-15lb.         1/4-5/8oz.          MOD-F         MH          1.8oz.             All purpose medium-mh 2pc spinning blanks
ISP842F   Matte Gray      7'0"         2          6-10lb.        1/16-5/16oz.       MOD-F         ML           1.4oz.            Walleye/Smallmouth Bass - slip bobbers/Light jigs/Livebait
ISP843F   Matte Gray      7'0"         2          6-12lb.         1/8-3/8oz.          MOD-F          M            1.9oz.             Walleye/Smallmouth Bass all purpose 2pc spinning   
                                                                                          Bass, Crankbait Rod Blanks
  Model            Color          Length   Pcs       Line              Lure           Action   Power      Weight             Application

CB66M       Matte Gray        6'6"      1        8-14lb.       1/4-5/8oz.        M           M            1.4oz.              Small crankbaits and topwaters
CB66MH    Matte Gray        6'6"      1       10-20lb.        3/8-1oz.     MOD-F     MH           1.7oz.              Large crankbaits & topwaters
CB70M      Matte Gray         7'0"      1        8-14lb.       1/4-5/8oz.        M           M            1.8oz.              Small crankbaits and topwaters
CB70MH   Matte Gray         7'0"      1       10-20lb.      3/8-1oz.        MOD-F    MH           1.9oz.              Large crankbaits & topwaters
CB70H       Matte Gray         7'0"      1       10-25lb.    3/8-1 1/4oz.  MOD-F       H            2.5oz.              Large deep diving crankbaits/Norman DD22-                                                                                                                                                                          Normark DT-Bandit Series 700
CB76M      Matte Gray         7'6"      1        8-14lb.       1/4-5/8oz.       M            M            2.0oz.              Small crankbaits and topwaters
CB76MH   Matte Gray         7'6"      1       10-20lb.     3/8-1oz.        MOD-F     MH           2.3oz.              Large crankbaits & topwaters
CB76H       Matte Gray        7'6"       1      10-25lb.    3/8-1 1/4oz.  MOD-F        H            2.7oz.              Large deep diving crankbaits/Norman DD22-                                                                                                                                                                           Normark DT-Bandit Series 700
CB80MH   Matte Gray         8'0"      1       10-20lb.     3/8-1oz.        MOD-F     MH           2.7oz.              Large crankbaits & topwaters
CB80H       Matte Gray         8'0"      1      10-25lb.    3/8-1 1/4oz.   MOD-F       H            3.0oz.              Large deep diving crankbaits/Norman DD22-                                                                                                                                                                          Normark DT-Bandit Series 700
                                                                                                        Bass, Flippin Stick
   Model      Color          Length    Pcs        Line           Lure        Action     Power          Weight             Application

IFS904    Matte Gray       7'6"        1        10-20lb.    3/8-2oz.         F            MH               3.2oz.             Light-Medium Flipping presentations
IFS906    Matte Gray       7'6"        1        15-25lb.    1/2-3oz.         F             XH               3.5oz.             Medium-Heavy flipping presentations/Alabama Rigs/Small swimbaits
                                                                                            MUTIPURPOSE/SWIM BAIT
  Model          Color          Length   Pcs      Line         Lure        Action       Power      Weight                      Application
ISWB945   Matte Gray      7'10"      1      15-30lb.    2-6oz.          F             MH           4.0oz.                  Medium Bass swimbaits/Light - medium SW/Alabama Rig
ISWB946   Matte Gray      7'10"      1      25-45lb.    3-8oz.          F               H             5.3oz.                  Large Bass swimbaits/Med - med hvy sw
                                                                                      InShore, Popping Rod Blanks
   Model       Color       Length     Pcs        Line                 Lure             Action      Power           Weight            Application

IP840     Matte Gray      7'0"         1          4-6lb.         1/32-3/16oz.   MOD-F          UL                 1.1oz.           Trout/Panfish light jigs and tube etc.
IP841     Matte Gray      7'0"         1         4-10lb.        3/16-3/8oz.     MOD-F           L                   1.5oz.           Trout/Panfish light jigs and tube etc.
IP842     Matte Gray      7'0"         1         6-12lb.          1/8-3/8oz.     MOD-F          ML                 1.7oz.           Inshore/Sea Trout
IP843     Matte Gray      7'0"         1         8-14lb.          1/4-5/8oz.     MOD-F           M                  1.7oz.           All purpose Trout/Redfish/Inshore/Popping corks
IP844     Matte Gray      7'0"         1         8-17lb.          1/4-3/4oz.     MOD-F          MH                2.0oz.           Heavy inshore/Larger Redfish/Snook/Cobia
IP845     Matte Gray      7'0"         1        10-20lb.         3/8-1oz.        MOD-F            H                  2.7oz.           Heavy inshore/Larger Redfish/Snook/Cobia
IP902     Matte Gray      7'6"         1         6-12lb.          1/8-3/8oz.     MOD-F          ML                 2.0oz.           Inshore/Small topwaters/Speked Sea Trout
IP903     Matte Gray      7'6"         1         8-14lb.          1/4-5/8oz.     MOD-F           M                  1.9oz.           Inshore popping corks/Redfish/Snook
IP904     Matte Gray      7'6"         1         8-17lb.          1/4-3/4oz.     MOD-F          MH                2.3oz.           Heavy Inshore/Larger Redfish/Snook
IP963     Matte Gray      8'0"         1         8-14lb.          1/4-5/8oz.     MOD-F           M                  1.9oz.           Inshore popping corks/Redfish/Snook
IP964     Matte Gray      8'0"         1         8-17lb.          1/4-3/4oz.     MOD-F          MH                2.2oz.           Heavy Inshore/Larger Redfish/Snook
IP965     Matte Gray      8'0"         1        10-20lb.         3/8-1oz.        MOD-F            H                  3.3oz.           Heavy inshore/Larger Redfish/Snook/Cobia/Permit
   Model          Color        Length     Pcs        Line             Lure           Action     Power     Weight                   Application

IST993F     Matte Gray      8'3'          2        6-10lb.      1/4-1/2oz.          F              ML        2.5oz.                Glo-bug/Single egg/Slinky drifter/Small spoons, jigs & spinners
IST1025F   Matte Gray      8'6"         2       10-17lb.      3/8-1oz.        MOD-F        MH       2.7oz.                Medium heavy all purpose
IST1026F   Matte Gray     8'6"          2       12-25lb.    3/4-1 1/2oz.   MOD-F          H         4.2oz.                Heavy drift/Flatfish/Mooching 2-6 oz.
IST1082F   Matte Gray     9'0"          2        6-10lb.      1/4-1/2oz.     MOD-F         ML        2.2oz.                Medium light boon dogger/Side drifter
IST1084F   Matte Gray     9'0"          2        8-12lb.      3/8-3/4oz.     MOD-F          M         3.2oz.                Medium boon dogger/Side drifter
IST1085F   Matte Gray     9'0"          2       10-17lb.      3/8-1oz.       MOD-F         MH        3.3oz.               Medium heavy drifter/ 1/2-3/4oz. side drifter
ISA1086F   Matte Gray     9'0"          2       12-25lb.    3/4-1 1/2oz.  MOD-F           H         4.1oz.                Heavy drift/Flatfish/Mooching 2-6 oz.
IST1141F   Matte Gray     9'6"          2         4-8lb.       3/16-3/8oz.   MOD-F           L          2.0oz.                Extra light boon dogger/Side drifter/Xtra light floats
IST1142F   Matte Gray     9'6"          2        6-10lb.       1/4-1/2oz.    MOD-F         ML        2.2oz.                Light boon dogger/Side drifter/Light floats
IST1143F   Matte Gray     9'6"          2        8-12lb.       3/8-3/4oz.    MOD-F          M         2.9oz.               Medium light boon dogger/Side drifter/Medium light floats
IST1144F   Matte Gray     9'6"          2       10-17lb.       3/8-1oz.      MOD-F         MH        3.3oz.               Medium boon dogger/Side drifter/Medium floats
IST1202F   Matte Gray    10'0"         2        6-10lb.       1/4-1/2oz.   MOD-F          ML        2.5oz.               Medium light boon dogger/Side drifter/Medium light floats
IST1203F   Matte Gray    10'0"         2        8-12lb.       3/8-3/4oz.   MOD-F           M         3.2oz.               Medium boon dogger/Side drifter/Medium floats
IST1204F   Matte Gray    10'0"         2       10-17lb.       3/8-1oz.     MOD-F          MH        3.8oz.               Medium Heavy Float rod
IST1263F   Matte Gray    10'6"         2        8-12lb.       3/8-3/4oz.   MOD-F           M         3.0oz.                Medium light slide float rod
ISA1266F   Matte Gray    10'6"         2      12-25lb.     3/4-1 1/2oz.  MOD-F          H          4.9oz.                King Moocher/Bar plunking
IST1384F   Matte Gray    11'6"         2        4-10lb.      3/16-3/8oz.  MOD-F          ML        3.2oz.                Medium float rod
ISA1446F   Matte Gray    12'0"         2      12-25lb.     3/4-1 1/2oz.  MOD-F          H          6.0oz.                Plunker
                                                               Salmon/Steelhead, HotShot Rod Blanks
  Model           Color         Length     Pcs       Line             Lure           Action     Power     Weight                Application
HS9000     Matte Gray       7'6"         1        8-12lb.      1/4-1/2oz.         XF             L           2.1oz.           Hot shot rod size 40 or smaller/Spoons/Walleye slip bobber
HS9001     Matte Gray       7'6"         1        8-15lb.      1/4-3/4oz.         XF           ML         1.9oz.            Smaller plugs (tadpollys-wiggle worts)/Walleye slip bobber
HS930       Matte Gray       7'9"         1        8-12lb.      1/4-1/2oz.         XF             L           2.8oz.            Hot shot rod size 40 or smaller/Spoons/Walleye slip bobber
HS932       Matte Gray       7'9"         1       10-17lb.       3/8-1oz.          XF            M           3.0oz.            Flatfish/Mag wiggle worts/Large plugs
HS962       Matte Gray       8'0"         1       10-17lb.       3/8-1oz.          XF            M           3.2oz.            Flatfish/Mag wiggle worts/Large plugs
HS1021F   Matte Gray       8'6"         2        8-15lb.      1/4-3/4oz.        XF            M           2.9oz.            Plugs-wiggle wart style/Side drifter
HS1023F   Matte Gray       8'6"         2       10-20lb.      3/8-1oz.           XF          MH          3.0oz.            Plugs-mag wiggle worts/Flatfish/Dredger
HS1025F   Matte Gray       8'6"         2       12-25lb.   3/8-1 1/2oz.       XF            H           4.0oz.             Heavy dreger/Heavy boon dogger/Heavy flatfish
Our RX6 blanks utilize the baseline standard modulus graphite material.
Of course, the word “standard” is used a bit differently for RainShadow.
Over time, RX6 graphite has been improved by enhancing both fiber
design and the resin systems. RX6 is now as refined as ever, offering
enhanced sensitivity to feel every bite, and added strength for brute
lifting power. The possibilities are endless with this vast line up.
From all purpose large and small mouth bass, trout, panfish, walleye,
pike, and small muskie, feel confident with the RX6 line up of blanks.
These blanks offer the widest variety of applications and it is one that
you can depend on when the fish are on!
• RX6 Graphite
• Dynamic Modulus Positioning
• Innovative Resin System
• Bass, Travel, Popping, Trout/Panfish, Spin/Jig, and Salmon/Steelhead
• Best Value in High Performance Blanks
• Medium to Extra Fast Action Models
• Striking Clear Gloss Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
                                                                                           Bass, Mag Casting Blanks
Model         Color         Length Pcs      Line             Lure             Action  Power    Weight                Application
MB843   Clear Gloss      7'0"     1      10-17lb.     1/4-3/4oz            F         MH        3.0oz.             Bass all purpose/Jig/Worm/Carolina rig
MB844   Clear Gloss      7'0"     1      12-20lb.      3/8-1oz.              F          H          3.3oz.             Jig & pig/Pitching plastics in and around heavy cover
MB845   Clear Gloss      7'0"     1      12-25lb.    3/8-1 1/4oz.         F          H          3.4oz.             Jig & pig/Pitching plastics in and around heavy cover/Pike
MB846   Clear Gloss      7'0"     1      15-30lb.       1/2-2oz.             F         XH         3.9oz.             Jig & pig/Pitching plastics in and around heavy cover/Pike/Small Muskie
                                                                               BASS, SPINNING ROD BLANKS
Model          Color       Length   Pcs       Line            Lure              Action    Power      Weight        Application

SB720     Clear Gloss     6'0"       1        4-8lb.     1/6-5/16oz.      MOD-F        L            1.4oz.       Trout/Panfish light jigs and tube etc.
SB721     Clear Gloss     6'0"       1       6-12lb.    1/8-3/8oz.             F            ML          1.7oz.       Trout/Panfish light jigs and tube etc.
SB722     Clear Gloss     6'0"       1       8-14lb.    1/4-5/8oz.             F             M           2.0oz.       Smallmouth Bass/Walleye all purpose spinning jigs/spinners/tubes etc.
SB780     Clear Gloss     6'6"       1        4-8lb.     1/6-5/16oz.      MOD-F        L            1.6oz.       Trout/Panfish light jigs and tube etc.
SB781     Clear Gloss     6'6"       1       6-12lb.    1/8-3/8oz.             F            ML          1.6oz.       Trout/Panfish light jigs and tube etc.
SB782     Clear Gloss     6'6"       1       8-14lb.    1/4-5/8oz.             F             M           2.3oz.       Smallmouth Bass/Walleye all purpose spinning jigs/spinners/tubes etc.
SB783     Clear Gloss     6'6"       1      10-17lb.   5/16-3/4oz.           F           MH          2.2oz.       Largemouth Bass-4"worms, tubes, jig worms/Walleye vertical jigging in rivers
SB822.5  Clear Gloss    6'10"      1       6-14lb.    1/8-5/8oz.            XF           M           1.9oz.        Drop shot/Shakey head/Jig worm
SB841     Clear Gloss     7'0"       1       6-12lb.    1/8-3/8oz.             F            ML          2.3oz.       Trout/Walleye/Smallmouth Bass finnesse presentations
SB842     Clear Gloss     7'0"       1       8-14lb.    1/4-5/8oz.             F             M           2.6oz.       Finesse spin / Tubes / Jig worms
SB843     Clear Gloss     7'0"       1      10-17lb.  5/16-3/4oz.           F            MH          2.5oz.       All purpose Bass spinning
SB844     Clear Gloss     7'0"       1      10-20lb.     3/8-1oz.              F              H           3.2oz.       Heavy Bass spinning/Pike
                                                                            INSHORE - POPPING ROD BLANKS
Model         Color         Length   Pcs       Line         Lure                  Action   Power     Weight             Application

SP840    Clear Gloss       7'0"       1        4-6lb.   1/32-3/16oz.      MOD-F       UL          1.1oz.          Ultra Light/Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes etc.
SP841    Clear Gloss       7'0"       1       4-10lb.  3/16-3/8oz.        MOD-F         L           1.5oz.          Ultra Light/Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes etc.
SP842    Clear Gloss       7'0"       1       6-12lb.   1/8-3/8oz.         MOD-F       ML          1.6oz.          Inshore/Sea Trout
SP843    Clear Gloss       7'0"       1       8-14lb.   1/4-5/8oz.         MOD-F        M           1.8oz.          All purpoes Trout/Redfish/Inshore/Popping corks
SP844    Clear Gloss       7'0"       1      10-20lb.  1/4-3/4oz.         MOD-F      MH          1.8oz.          Heavy Inshore/Larger Redfish/Snook
                                                                         MULTIPUROSE/TROUT & PANFISH
Model                 Color           Length   Pcs     Line            Lure              Action   Power     Weight             Application

SP600            Clear Gloss         5'0"      1       1-4lb.     1/32-1/8oz.           M          UL           0.5oz.         Ultra Light/Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes etc.
SP661-2CG   Clear Gloss         5'6"      2       2-6lb.     1/16-1/4oz.           M            L            0.9oz.         Ultra Light/Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes etc.
SP720            Clear Gloss         6'0"      1       1-4lb.     1/32-1/8oz.           M          UL           0.9oz.         Ultra Light/Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes etc.
SP721            Clear Gloss         6'0"      1       2-6lb.     1/16-1/4oz.           M            L            1.0oz.         Ultra Light/Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes etc.
SP721-2        Clear Gloss         6'0"       2       2-6lb.     1/16-1/4oz.          M             L            0.8oz.         Ultra Light/Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes etc.
SP781-2        Clear Gloss         6'6"       2       2-6lb.     1/16-1/4oz.          M             L            1.1oz.         Ultra Light/Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes etc.
                                                                   MULTIPUROSE/TRAVEL ROD BLANKS
 Model           Color          Length    Pcs      Line           Lure             Action   Power   Weight                  Application

SB720-4    Clear Gloss       6'0"        4        4-8lb.     1/6-5/16oz.          F            L         1.4oz.                Trout/Panfish/Backpack rod
SB781-3    Clear Gloss       6'6"        3       6-12lb.     1/8-3/8oz.           F           ML      1.8oz.                Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes/Travel rod
SB783-3    Clear Gloss       6'6"        3      10-17lb.   5/16-3/4oz.         F           MH      2.1oz.                Largemouth Bass-4"worms, tubes, jig worms/Walleye jigging in rivers
SB841-3    Clear Gloss       7'0"        3       6-12lb.     1/8-3/8oz.           F           ML      2.2oz.                Trout/Walleye/Smallmouth Bass finnesse presentations travel rod
SB843-3    Clear Gloss       7'0"        3      10-17lb.   5/16-3/4oz.         F           MH      2.3oz.                All purpose Bass spinning travel rod
                                                                   MULTIPURPOSE/SPIN JIG ROD BLANKS
Model         Color          Length   Pcs       Line               Lure              Action    Power   Weight               Application

SJ781     Clear Gloss        6'6"       1        6-10lb.     1/16-5/16oz.           F             L          1.9oz.           Spin - jig rod/Medium light jigs/Smallmouth Bass - Walleye spinning rod
SJ782     Clear Gloss        6'6"       1        6-12lb.       1/8-3/8oz.             F             M         2.2oz.           Spin - jig rod/Medium light jigs/Smallmouth Bass - Walleye spinning rod
                                                              SALMON/STEELHEAD CASTING SPINNING
   Model             Color          Length     Pcs        Line           Lure                Action    Power    Weight         Application
DSS1024-2   Clear Gloss       8'6"          2        8-12lb.   3/8-3/4oz.          MOD-F        M          2.1oz.       Medium all purpose
DSS1025-2   Clear Gloss       8'6"          2       10-17lb.  3/8-1oz.             MOD-F       MH         2.7oz.       Medium heavy all purpose
DSS1082-2   Clear Gloss       9'0"          2        6-10lb.   1/4-1/2oz.          MOD-F       ML         2.2oz.       Medium light boon dogger/Side drifter
DSS1084-2   Clear Gloss       9'0"          2        8-12lb.   3/8-3/4oz.          MOD-F        M          3.0oz.       Medium boon dogger/Side drifter
DSS1141-2   Clear Gloss       9'6"          2         4-8lb.    3/16-3/8oz.            M              L           2.3oz.       Extra light boon dogger/Side drifter/Xtra light floats
DSS1142-2   Clear Gloss       9'6"          2        6-10lb.   1/4-1/2oz.              M            ML          2.6oz.       Light boon dogger/Side drifter/Light floats
DSS1143-2   Clear Gloss       9'6"          2        8-12lb.   3/8-3/4oz.          MOD-F        M           2.9oz.       Medium light boon dogger/Side drifter/Medium light float
DSS1263-2   Clear Gloss      10'6"         2        8-12lb.   3/8-3/4oz.          MOD-F        M           3.2oz.       Medium light slide float rod
DSS1264-2   Clear Gloss      10'6"         2       10-17lb.   3/8-1oz.            MOD-F       MH         4.0oz.        Medium heavy slide float rod/Med moocher
The Versatile RX6/E-Glass Series Rod Blanks
This series is perfect for your needs of downrigger, live bait, knife jig, boat rod blanks, and three piece saltwater blanks. The RX6/E-Glass series is exceptionally versatile, from fishing for kokanee, trolling with live bait, or jigging for both saltwater and freshwater species, the uses are endless! We have selected the graphite on the lower end of these blanks for sensitivity and to create the perfect action needed. E-Glass is blended into the tips for boosted durability. These are the perfect blend of highly durable blanks with fantastic actions; it is a fisherman’s dream!
• Modern Blend of RX6 Graphite/E-Glass
• E-Glass Pattern with RX6 Graphite Added to the Bottom ½ of the Blank for Lighter Weight, Increased Sensitivity, Slimmer Rear Profile, and Greater Lifting Power
• E-Glass Tip for Extra Fast Action and High Strength
• Perfect Live Bait and Saltwater Blanks
• Stunning Gloss Black Finish
• Beautiful Titanium Chrome Finish
• Striking Clear Gloss Finish
• Subtle Matte Gray Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
Model                  Color         Length        Pcs               Line        Lure    Action   Power   Weight                Application
RDR70L         Gloss Black        7'0"            1                4-10lb.     N/A         M          L          2.5oz.            Kokanee trolling
RDR70M       Gloss Black        7'0"             1              10-17lb.    N/A         M          M         2.6oz.            Walleye trolling crankbaits
RDR76L         Gloss Black       7'6"             1                4-10lb.     N/A         M          L          2.9oz.            Kokanee trolling
RDR710L       Gloss Black        7' 10"         1                4-10lb.     N/A         M          L          3.2oz.            Kokanee trolling
RDR710ML   Gloss Black        7' 10"         1                 6-12lb.     N/A        M         ML        3.4oz.            Kokanee trolling
RDR710M     Gloss Black        7' 10"         1               10-17lb.     N/A        M          M         4.6oz.            Light Downrigger
RDR80M       Gloss Black       8'0"          1 (tel)           10-17lb.     N/A        M          M         3.6oz.           Walleye trolling sideplaner rod/Telsocpic design for easy storage
RDR86M       Gloss Black       8'6"             2                10-17lb.     N/A        M          M         3.7oz.           Light Downrigger
RDR86MH     Gloss Black      8'6"             2                12-25lb.     N/A        M         MH       4.4oz.           Medium Downrigger
RDR96MH     Gloss Black      9'6"             2                12-25lb.     N/A        M         MH       4.9oz.           Medium Downrigger
RDR100H      Gloss Black     10'0"            2                15-40lb.     N/A        M          H          8.2oz.           Heavy downrigger/Dipsey diver rod
                                                                                               Saltwater, Live Bait      
   Model              Color         Length   Pcs        Line               Lure            Action    Power    Weight           Application
RCLB70XL      Clear Gloss      7'0"       1        10-25lb.     3/8-1 1/2oz.         XF           XL        4.7oz.        SW Live bait/Iron/All purpose/Keeper Sturgeon
RCLB70L        Clear Gloss      7'0"       1        15-30lb.        3/4-3oz.             XF            L         5.8oz.        SW Live bait/Iron/All purpose/Albacore
RCLB70ML     Clear Gloss     7'0"        1        20-40lb.         2-6oz.               XF          ML        8.2oz.        SW Live bait/Iron/All purpose
RCLB70M       Clear Gloss     7'0"       1         20-50lb.         2-8oz.               XF           M        10.0oz.       SW Live bait/Iron/All purpose/Yellowtail
RCLB79L        Clear Gloss     7'9"        1         15-30lb.       3/4-3oz.             XF            L         5.3oz.         Saltwater Live bait/Iron/Albacore/Tarpon
RCLB79ML    Clear Gloss     7'9"        1         20-40lb.         2-6oz.               XF          ML        5.8oz.        SW Live bait/Iron/All purpose
RCLB79MH   Clear Gloss     7'9"        1         30-80lb.        4-10oz.              XF          MH       9.10z.        Wreck rod/Deep water grouper etc
RCLB80XL     Clear Gloss     8'0"        1         10-25lb.    3/8-1 1/2oz.          XF          XL         7.0oz.        SW Live bait/Iron/All purpose/Keeper Sturgeon
RCLB80L       Clear Gloss     8'0"        1         15-30lb.       3/4-3oz.              XF           L          8.1oz.        SW Live bait/Iron/All purpose/Albacore
RCLB80M     Clear Gloss     8'0"         1         20-50lb.        2-8oz.                XF          M         10.5oz.       SW Live bait/Iron/All purpose/Yellowtail
RCLB810L    Clear Gloss     8'10"       1         15-30lb.       3/4-3oz.              XF          L          6.5oz.         SW Live bait/Iron/All purpose/Albacore
RCLB810ML Clear Gloss    8'10"        1        20-40lb.        2-6oz.                 XF         ML        7.5oz.        SW Live bait/Iron/All purpose
RCLB810M   Clear Gloss    8'10"        1        20-50lb.        2-8oz.                 XF          M        10.5oz.       SW Live bait/Iron/All purpose/Yellowtail
When durability is what you are after, look no further. The RainShadow E-Glass blanks offer superb strength. RainShadow offers a wide variety of rod blanks in the E-Glass series from ultra light power for catching trout/panfish, to multi-purpose crank bait bass fishing, to heavy duty boat rod blanks, and trolling blanks for the saltwater. The Bass Crankbait series is perfect for both the fresh and saltwater tournament/weekender, that need to win and win now! The durability and price point of the lighter weight SPG blanks are great for all rod builders. RainShadow’s E-Glass models are sought after due to low-modulus ratings and strength that is unrivaled. This translates directly into negating the demands of lightness and sensitivity; its ruggedness and lifting capability will astound you.
From the SWB and FSU series to the RT, STUB, and ToughStick series, RainShadow offers a wide variety of rod blanks in E-Glass. RainShadow’s E-Glass models are sought after due to low-modulus ratings and strength that is unrivaled. This translates directly into negating the demands of lightness and sensitivity; its ruggedness and lifting capability will impress you.
*ToughStick, true to their name, are one of our toughest lineups. The blank is made of E-Glass material with a solid glass tip for unbelievable strength. These blanks make an ideal boat rod, with a moderate fast action, and durability that you can rely on day in and day out. From rockfish to tuna to halibut, these blanks can take abuse and keep coming back for more. The ToughStick series boasts five different blank models in 6’6” through 7’ lengths ranging from light to medium heavy actions.
• E-Glass™ Material for Unrivaled Strength
• Built to Handle the Largest Fish Under the Toughest Conditions
• Perfect for Heavy Duty Fresh and Saltwater Applications
• Splendid Gloss Black Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
     Model             Color        Length   Pcs     Line           Lure            Action     Power  Weight            Application
GCB70M        Gloss Black      7'0"       1     10-17lb.   1/4-3/4oz.    MOD-F         M        3.3oz.         Small crankbaits and top waters, 1/4oz. spinnerbaits
GCB70MH     Gloss Black      7'0"       1     12-20lb.     3/8-1oz.      MOD-F       MH       3.9oz.         Large crankbaits & topwaters, 3/8 & 1/2oz. spinnerbaits
GCB710M      Gloss Black    7'10"      1      10-17lb.   1/4-3/4oz.    MOD-F        M         4.5oz.         Small crankbaits and top waters, 1/4oz. spinnerbaits
GCB710MH   Gloss Black    7'10"      1      12-25lb.     3/8-1oz.      MOD-F       MH       4.2oz.         Large crankbaits & topwaters, 3/8 & 1/2oz. spinnerbaits
                                                                                   Multipurpose, Casting/Spinning
 Model          Color    Length   Pcs      Line            Lure                 Action     Power    Weight             Application

SPG601   Gloss Black   5'0"      1       2-4lb.      1/16-3/16oz.           M               L         0.8oz.         Ultra Light/Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes etc.
SPG720   Gloss Black   6'0"      1       2-6lb.      1/16-3/8oz.             M              UL       1.3oz.          Ultra Light/Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes etc.
SPG721   Gloss Black   6'0"      1       4-8lb.      1/16-3/8oz.             M               L         1.5oz.          Ultra Light/Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes etc.
SPG722   Gloss Black   6'0"      1      6-12lb.       1/8-3/8oz.             M               L         1.9oz.          All purpose glass spinning rod very durable great for kids
SPG723   Gloss Black   6'0"      1      8-15lb.      1/8-1/2oz.              M               L         1.7oz.          All purpose glass spinning rod very durable great for kids
SPG780   Gloss Black   6'6"      1       2-6lb.      1/16-3/16oz.           M              UL       1.7oz.          Ultra Light/Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes etc.
SPG781   Gloss Black   6'6"      1       4-8lb.      1/16-1/4oz.             M               L         1.9oz.          Ultra Light/Trout/Panfish light jigs and tubes etc.
SPG782   Gloss Black   6'6"      1      6-12lb.     1/8-1/2oz.               M               L         2.2oz.          All purpose glass spinning rod very durable great for kids
SPG783   Gloss Black   6'6"      1      8-15lb.     1/8-5/8oz.               M               M        2.6oz.          All purpose glass spinning rod very durable great for kids
SPG785   Gloss Black   6'6"      1     12-25lb.      1/4-1oz.                 M              H         3.5oz.          All purpose glass spinning rod very durable great for kids
SPG842   Gloss Black   7'0"      1      6-12lb.     1/8-1/2oz.               M               L         2.3oz.          All purpose glass spinning rod very durable great for kids
SPG843   Gloss Black   7'0"      1      8-15lb.     1/8-5/8oz.               M              M         3.0oz.         All purpose glass spinning rod very durable great for kids
SPG844   Gloss Black   7'0"      1     10-17lb.    1/8-3/4oz.               M             MH       3.8oz.         All purpose glass spinning rod very durable great for kids
SPG845   Gloss Black   7'0"      1     12-20lb.      1/4-1oz.                 M              H         4.0oz.         All purpose glass spinning rod very durable great for kids
                         **ToughStick™, true to their name, are one of our toughest lineups. The blank is made of E-Glass material with a solid Glass tip for unbelievable strength. These blanks make an ideal boat rod, with a moderate fast action, and durability that you can rely on day in and day out. From rockfish to tuna to halibut, these blanks can take abuse and keep coming back for more.  The ToughStick series boasts five different blank models in 6’6” through 7’ lengths ranging from light to medium heavy actions.        
Model            Color        Length   Pcs      Line        Lure         Action   Power        Weight            Application

TS66M      Gloss Black      6'6"      1       15-30lb.    N/A        MOD-F       M              7.8oz.        All purpose SW/Heavy FW
TS66MH   Gloss Black      6'6"      1       20-40lb.    N/A        MOD-F      MH           11.5oz.       All purpose SW/Heavy FW
TS70L       Gloss Black      7'0"      1       10-17lb.    N/A        MOD-F        L               6.5oz.        All purpose SW/Heavy FW
TS70ML    Gloss Black     7'0"       1       12-20lb.    N/A        MOD-F      ML             7.0oz.        All purpose SW/Heavy FW
TS70M      Gloss Black     7'0"       1       15-30lb.    N/A        MOD-F       M              8.5oz.        All purpose SW/Heavy FW