This is what we can do for you!
Patriot Custom Fishing Rods was founded in 2000 to give customers a chance to experience a top of the line, custom built rod.  We offer a complete line of services from custom cork handles to setting you up with the components to build your rod yourself.  If you live in the area and want to learn how to build a rod, we can teach you at no charge.  Even if you have a "store Bought Rod" that has broke we may be able to repair it for a resonable cost to get it back in action.
We build the rods one at a time, by hand, so we can make sure that the rod you get is of the highest quality that can be offered.  Although we do not produce the components ourself, the companies we utilize for them have the highest quality, most sensitive and durable parts available on the market. 
We are a OEM supplier of components from Batson Enterprises and American Tackle.These companys are both family owned in the United States and offer a complete line of custom components to suite any fishing situation you need.
A Short list of what we can do for you:
- Full Assembly of rod
- Components for you to build your own rod
- Instruction on how to build your own rod
- Repairs of antique to new rods
-Wholesale sales of finished rods and parts to business
-we can make everything from freshwater to saltwater to downrigger to ice rods. 
-Custom design for any situation